Research Sites

Research Sites

All members of the Kentucky Clinical Trials Network are working to provide Kentuckians the opportunity to receive innovative cancer care through participation in clinical trials. The network applies scrupulous quality assurance and ethical research principles to further the improvement of cancer therapies.

Network members are qualified by expertise in their respective medical specialty and completion of specialized training in the conduct of clinical research.  Their strong commitment to providing the best clinical care to their patients supports incorporating access to clinical research for their patients. 

A licensed physician practicing in the state of Kentucky interested in conducting research in compliance with applicable Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), ICH guidelines, and KCTN Standard Operating Procedures may be eligible for Network membership. 

Physicians interested in becoming a Network member may begin the application process by contacting the Coordinating Center. 

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Network Member statement:
Even with the advancements in lung cancer treatment over the past 30 years, the outcome of the disease sadly remains the same. In Kentucky, more than 3,000 people die of lung cancer each year, and at a much higher rate than any other state.

"For a state that has such a devastating problem, having the opportunity to do this research here is really important," said Dr. Edward A. Hirschowitz, a sponsor-investigator of a vaccine study being conducted within the Network.  "Kentucky has such a devastating problem, developing research here is really important," Hirschowitz said. " A seemingly endless stream of lung cancer patients seen in our clinics continually reinforces the importance of this research.