About Us

About Us

The Kentucky Clinical Trials Network (KCTN) is one of the primary initiatives included in the Kentucky Lung Cancer Research Program created by the General Assembly to stimulate research in lung cancer; a devastating disease affecting Commonwealth citizens. KCTN is a statewide alliance of physicians conducting clinical trials in the prevention, early detection, and treatment of lung cancer. The Network conducts investigator-initiated and industry sponsored trials.

The KCTN vision, developed by the healthcare community, continues to drive network strategies to assure an alliance of regional, local, and university hospitals and community physicians united in the delivery of clinical trials throughout the Commonwealth.  The network is an autonomous organization guided by the interests of multidisciplinary healthcare professionals; including medical oncologists, radiologists, and surgeons involved in developing/conducting innovative treatments for lung cancer patients.


The mission of the Kentucky Clinical Trials Network is to improve care of Kentuckians who suffer from cancer. The Network provides innovative clinical trials, support and education for our research centers and scrupulous quality assurance.

Network Coordinating Center:
Markey Cancer Center houses the Network’s Coordinating Center and serves as liaison between clinical research sponsors and network investigators, facilitating operations:

• Site membership
• Study and site selection
• Network Committee activities
• Research education and training
• Quality assurance auditing
• Data collection and management
• Project development
• Centralized recruitment efforts
• Contract and budget negotiation

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Research at Home:

Network members are conveniently located in every federal congressional district in the state, which allows patients to consider research opportunities while remaining at home.  Patients remain under the direct care of trusted local physicians.  Commuting to other geographical areas to participate in research is no longer a burden on patients and their families.
Network member physicians work with the Coordinating Center to select and build a research portfolio appropriate for their patient populations.

Physician Opportunity:

A licensed physician practicing in the state of Kentucky interested in conducting research in compliance with applicable CFR regulations, ICH and KCTN guidelines may be eligible for Network Membership.  Prospective members must fulfill KCTN membership requirements, including regulatory and site assessment, completion of Human Subjects Protection training, and submission of qualifying documents.  A formal relationship is established and maintained with all Network members. 
We assist physicians seeking to initiate or expand their research portfolio.  Physicians are provided with resources needed to conduct research including; assessment and program development, mentoring, and research education.  Network members are encouraged to initiate study concepts.

Industry Opportunity:

The Network is a resource for sponsors seeking multi-site study conduct.  Site patient populations have some of the highest cancer incident rates in the country.  Placing industry studies in the Network provides access to these unique patient populations utilizing a convenient one-stop shop in identifying potential sites, and centralized project activities including central pharmacy.

Our members are dedicated clinicians qualified by relevant expertise and training.  Network sites are located throughout the state and include the University of Kentucky, the University of Louisville, private practice offices, hospitals, and health care systems.

Please contact us for additional information on patient population distributions and study placement:  Kyclinicaltrialsnetwork@uky.edu

Coordinating Center Contact Information


Kentucky Clinical Trials Network

2347 Sterlington Rd., Ste 310

Lexington, KY 40517

Hotline: (859) 323-1109

Toll-Free: (866) 972-2984

Fax: (859) 257-1343


Tim Mullett, MD, FACS- Medical Director

Kris Damron, CCRP- Network Director

Michele E. Hughes, BA, CCRP- Project Coordinator/Clinical Research Project Manager

Mindy Dowden-Kruger, MHA, CCRP- Project Coordinator/Clinical Research Project Manager

Trey Alexander, MHA, MS- Research Project Manager

Lara Sutherland, MS- Data Management Specialist